Originality Matters!
Not only does non-original text get you penalized by search engines, you may land in legal trouble as well. Don't take any chances, contact us today for custom original ad and content solutions.

Ad Copywriting

Picking the right words can mean the difference between profit and loss. Let our ad copy help you boost your revenues.

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Article Links

More backlinks means more traffic which can boost your website revenues. Order this service and get more links.

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Sales Page Text

Get into the minds of your website’s visitors and turn your site's readers into buyers and newsletter subscribers.

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Press Release

We spread the word about your online brand to gain both industry influence and backlinks for more search engine traffic.

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Forum Marketing

We brand where your target audience is. We post quality content in the right forums to get direct traffic and backlinks.

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Custom Original Text and Ad Copy Helps Your Business Rise Above

Not only are search engines getting better in distinguishing original materials from scraped copies, they are also imposing heavier penalties on websites that have unacceptable levels of duplicate content. If this wasn't bad enough, Internet users are becoming more and more savvy. The same old generic content won't get noticed in today's age of viral content, retweets on Twitter, and shares on Facebook.

Originality builds Credibility

At Marketing Copy Expert, we help our clients establish credibility in the eyes of their target audiences, as well as avoid search engine penalties, by making sure all our text is 100% original. We use the industry standard duplicate content and plagiarism-detection tool, Copyscape.Com. Content originality helps you rise above your competition by giving you a distinctive content inventory-your website audience will know to come to you if they are looking for something different. 

Paired with our singular focus on quality, original content can help your website stand out and serve the interest of your target audience. In short, originality helps make your business a trusted authority online.

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