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We understand that each and every word of your ad copy must work towards producing results. We craft custom ad copy that appeals to your customers and aim to produce the right response.

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Ad Copywriting: The Systematic Art of Wordcraft

Writing good ad copy is never an accident. Each and every word selected by a direct response copywriter or advertising copy writer must have one and only one objective in mind--to help get the reader to do what you want the reader to do. This is the true mark of precise, well-crafted, and effective ad copy. Ad copy should not be looked at as an afterthought or reduced to merely listing what you have to offer.

Each word must help create an impact. At, we operate strictly with a strong sense of urgency when crafting your ad copy. We keep revising until we are CONFIDENT in the power and thrust of ad copy we produce for your campaign. 

Our Process

Providing effective and impressive copywriting services is not a science. It is an art honed from several years of success and hard experience. It takes more than “hunches” to formulate good ad copy. We employ a strategic and systematic method of crafting the right ad copy for your campaigns.

Step One: We study your target demographic--we find out who they are, where they are on the Internet, what their buying and content consumption preferences are, how they want content to be presented, which  websites cater to them, and figure out how does these websites cater to your target demographic.  We also consider how these existing implementations can be fine-tuned.

Step Two: We study your product or value offering.  We focus on the following considerations: What psychological triggers are involved,  how your target market typically reacts to such products, what is the standard way of presenting such products  or services to your target market, can these methods improved, and is there something specific about your offering that need to be communicated resulting in a different implementation.

Step Three: Write once and edit many times. We write you ad copy and then run it through several filters of analysis based on who your target market is, where the ad copy is going to be placed, what your objectives are and what is the underlying product or service being solve. We run this analysis over and over until we are satisfied that the ad copy is polished.

We send you an initial sample package to make sure you are completely in the loop and approve of the direction your project is going. Once we have your approval, we proceed to produce the rest of your order.

1 Revision Guarantee: All our ad copy items are guaranteed! If you are, in any way, unhappy with the quality of your materials, we will revise part or all of your order completely FREE OF CHARGE. That is how we DEFINE COMMITMENT TO CLIENT SATISFACTION.

Using the meticulous system above, we have helped many clients achieve their goals. Put our experience to work for you. We can help you get into the minds of your target audience. Contact us today for a custom package designed specifically around your situation and particular needs.

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1 Revision Guarantee
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