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Whenever somebody does a search on Google, the materials they are searching for appear on the main column on the left. At the top part are sponsored ads.  These are paid listings where somebody paid for their ad to appear whenever people are looking for their target keywords.

A sponsored ad is a very powerful form of advertising because you are reaching your target market right at the point when they need you.  This is very different from interruption-based marketing or TV, where an ad may not be something that you are looking for immediately.  At the point of showing the ad, they are plainly focusing on branding so that hopefully, when the need arises, they have been branded thoroughly enough that there already exists a connection trigger.

Unfortunately, the more distant the time between the initial branding and the actual need is, the less effective the branding is.  This is why search engine marketing is such a powerful marketing tool because it gets to your target audience at the time when they need your product or service. What could possibly beat that? AdWords is one way that you could do to drive huge traffic to your website.

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