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Being in Command Of Branding Activities

This article is posted under Branding
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Another element you should be mindful of is being uncompromising when it comes to setting metrics.  There are many agencies and service providers that will try to manage your expectations to such a low level that the “success” that they produce could have been easily produced by you with your own in-house resources.  If this is the case, then there is really no need to go with them in the first place.  The key here is to set realistic goals, but set them high enough that it gets you to where you need to go.  Do not be tricked or smooth-talked into setting such low success thresholds that it really defeats the purpose of outsourcing parts or all of your branding campaign.

Another key element that you cannot outsource is research.  You have to do your research regarding your target audience even if it is as shallow as figuring out who they are.  A lot of full service branding companies would then do further research.  You have to do the initial research because it is your company.  You are setting the parameters.  You are setting the target and the service provider can just do the secondary research.

This is a very important distinction to make because if you give them the wrong data sets regarding what to research, they would research the wrong things and produce the wrong information and this will backfire on your organization’s goals. So always be in command of the ship and never entrust the entire task with your branding agency.

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