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Insourcing and Outsourcing: What is the best strategy for your organization?

This article is posted under Branding
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Having to look into all the details of your branding campaign yourself can sometimes take its toll. In a worst case scenario, your branding campaign will fail to meet your desired outcome. So how do you tweak your branding campaign so that it generates the results you want?  Furthermore, how do you know which element to tweak?  Depending on how many media channels you are targeting, you are looking at several outlets for your brand.  At the very least, you are looking at website branding, advertising branding, branding by blogging, social media branding, and all points in between.

The more robust and multilayered your branding campaign is, the more you need to step back and focus on the metrics to ensure you are always on track.  You do not have to outsource.  You can hire people in your office to handle all these differing aspects and just send you reports.  If you are a large-sized organization, this should not be a problem.  However, if you are a small- to medium-sized enterprise, this could be quite an issue because we are talking about additional payroll, additional taxes, and additional regulations.  Also, if the project is a fairly short-term or periodic project, do you really want to hire staff just for what could be fairly short periods of time?

The great thing about outsourcing is that it is modular.  It is almost a pay-as-you-go basis.  You can outsource based on a short project term or on a per activity term so it is less costly than insourcing.

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