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Spend a lot of time crafting a tight brand strategy

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As we mentioned in an earlier post, you should devote some time and resources in thinking through the constellation of values you want your brand to evoke. Brainstorm and write out all that come to mind. Filtering all these into simple one-word statements on what you want people to feel regarding you brand. You have to test this as well because while unusual value propositions often push the market to a brand new level or a level that it needs to go, there are certain baselines that you have to play in.

Learn from your competition’s brands

Do some market research regarding your target audience and see what the competing brand’s value propositions are and see where you fit in. If anything, you should draw a diagram of many concentric circles where your competitors are, where you are and what the values of your target audience, target customers and target readers are. You should see that these do not overlap neatly into one circle. There is a lot of space on the sides. Look for the sweet spot where that your competition is neglecting in terms of branding strategy and do further research. If you can quantify or at least back this up with target customer interviews or some sort of hard evidence, then you should reconfigure your brand’s value proposition around this information. This information might put you head and shoulders above your competitors.

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