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Advertising Copywriting

AdWords Copywriting

Whenever somebody does a search on Google, the materials they are searching for appear on the main column on the left. At the top part are sponsored ads.  These are paid listings where somebody paid for their ad to appear whenever people are looking for their target keywords. A sponsored ad is a very powerful […]

Filed under Advertising Copywriting, April 12th, 2013

What Copywriters Can Learn From Tradesmen

When I say to people that I am a writer, they usually have a clichéd image of a starving artist in their mind. This writer figure they imagine lives in a tiny apartment, hunched over a typewriter with wild hair, inspired to creative heights and living a tortured existence with their work never being appreciated […]

Filed under Advertising Copywriting, July 26th, 2012

Five Killer Tips to Writing Adwords Ads That Work

A lot of beginners think that writing ad copies for Adwords is an easy task. It is just five lines of text, and very short lines to boot; certainly nothing like writing copy for a full Web page right? Wrong. Adwords copy requires you to be especially creative while also adhering to Google’s content policy. […]

Filed under Advertising Copywriting, July 6th, 2012