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Become a Blog Marketing Victor Not a Victim

This article is posted under Content Marketing
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By this point, you should be racking up some achievements in your efforts to use blogging and content marketing as a means to brand your business’ products and/or services. Remember, achievements are only as valuable as the next achievement. Never ever rest on your past victories.

The difference between a victim and a victor

By resting on your past marketing victories, you are opening yourself up to becoming a future victim, to becoming a passive player in the marketing drama playing out around you. Move, be in control, influence, throw ideas out and change the world around you. This is essence of successful brand blogging. Anything else really falls short.

“Me too” is a sign of failure

If you are just going to be one of the “me too” participants in blog marketing, you probably be better off sitting down and seriously assessing what your resources are and what other branding opportunities are open to you and doing a return of investment analysis. If you are not serious about content marketing through blogging, you would be surprised that there are probably other methods that would work better for you. Of course, they would cost a lot more money, but that is the choice you need to take.

Content marketing via blogging is not everybody. Thankfully, this can be outsourced and there are many professional firms that do this on a professional basis and some employ success metrics. Regardless, you have to look at brand blogging as a serious endeavor. It is not a byproduct. It is of some larger marketing campaign. It is not an afterthought. It is definitely not a stepchild. If you are going to go down this direction, you need to jump in with both feet and have a solid plan. Of course, it must be built on a solid well thought out branding strategy and core brand values that truly appeal to your target market.

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