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Boost your blog’s branding and marketing power through interactivity

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You are in control if you build interactivity into each blog post. Get a lot of discussions going. Jog your readers’ curiosity. Get them to voice out their opinions, engage them in a debate, challenge them, and push them from their comfort zone. We are not talking about over-the-top theatrics or drama for drama’s sake, but make your blog come alive.

Say no to passive blogging

Content marketing through blogging is not a passive exercise. It is a dynamic challenge. It engages all elements of a person’s persona, curiosity, pride, dreams and aspirations, and fears. You have to put this all in a blender and subtlety but effectively engage in many different levels. People differ greatly and different target markets react to different things. Experiment as each blog should be configured differently, but the brand should still be solid within. Based on the comments, the back links you post generate from other bloggers, and how many Facebook likes you get, see which are working.

Isolate the interactive uniqueness of your blog

Once you determine which of your blog posts are working, isolate the elements that work and then test that theory by creating blog posts that isolate that element. If you are able to replicate the success of previous blog posts or improve on their success, then fine-tune the formula some more. Throughout the process, keep your brand intact and visible. If you have reached the point where your blog posts are getting a large amount of social interaction, then you have converted your blog into a highly effective branding machine, but do not stop there.

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