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Branding Through Content Marketing

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Content marketing has many differing definitions. In terms of how our company defines content marketing, it really is all about branding. Because in this day and age when there is so much competition for mindshare, when there is so much background noise competing for a rapidly decreasing collective attention span, the opportunities for branding become an almost moment by moment affair. It is that precious. Each and every second is an opportunity and time is contested territory. A branding opportunity is a very finite resource.

Build your content marketing strategy on reality not wishful thinking

Content marketing must be defined around these hard realities. Traditionally content marketing is about sending information to your target audience to engage them in a conversation and your brand is part of that conversation. That is still the baseline that we are playing with, but the rules have changed slightly. It is more holistic. You have to look at your branding overall strategy not as the sum of separate parts but really a holistic whole with its own dynamic spirit which takes differing forms. Blogging is one form. Press release is another. Article marketing is another form. Regardless of the forms and regardless of the channels that you use to get your messages out, they all have to lead back to your brand. They all have to embody the constellation of values that your brand contains. This all presumes that you know what you are doing in regard to branding. That is why it is extremely necessary to spend a lot of time looking at your company, looking at your product or product line, looking at your service or collection of services and then jogging down what values they contain and filtering this list based on what kind of client customer reactions you want to draw out.

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