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How To Write Quality Content For Your Readers And Be Loved By Google

This article is posted under Content Marketing
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For having been surfing the internet for a very long time and in frequent instances, you may have encountered a lot of interesting articles which makes you want to revisit the blog or website where the article was found. Seeing articles as interesting as these may make you think that writing such is as easy as conversing with anyone. For your enlightenment, it takes a lot of skill to be able to create articles that will be able to get the interest of the readers, more so if the writer also has an aim of its article being recognized by Google.

With Google’s recent goals to recognize original and quality content, you should start enhancing your writing skill, bring out the creativity in you and avoid writing as much content as you can that focus on keyword positioning which turns out to be awkward to read. Expect too, that you’ll be seeing less of poorly written articles which will be now useless in getting them to be ranked well in Google’s search pages.

So how can writers create quality content for readers and at the same time, for Google? Here are a few noteworthy tips that writers can learn from:

  1. While trying to fit in the keywords in your articles, prioritize on the quality. SEO specialists in the past try to bombard their articles with as much keywords as possible. Articles created with these principles are certainly not fun to read. Writers should prioritize on making the article interesting to read. This way, it will get more favourable responses and visits from the readers which Google will remember in ranking websites in its search pages.
  2. Design your landing page in such a way that it will lure visitors to continue reading and browsing the website. By creating a good impression through an attractive landing page, it will be easy to lure visitors to continue throughout the rest of the website.
  3. Be unique and have your own style. The internet houses a wide array of articles and an internet user who may have gone through prior articles before reaching yours will be quick to look for another more useful article if yours will sound just the same as the others. In order to get more favourable responses from your readers, write in a unique way and be sure to have your own style. Other than avoiding being penalized for duplicating content and facing plagiarism issues, you will get more shares, likes and favourable comments that Google is looking for in putting websites in the most coveted top ranks in its search pages.

Final Words

This new move by Google will certainly benefit internet searches in getting the best results that are outcomes of original and high quality content that readers will enjoy reading and express their likes through comments or shares. On the part of passionate writers, they will have more freedom in writing their articles, with the main consideration of connecting to readers, rather than how to position the keywords in the body of the article.

About the Author:

Krystine, is an experienced blogger who writes about the latest developments in SEO. She is also a co-writer in Broadband Expert. Broadband Expert internet providers comparison site gives reliable information about the ideal provider that will suit an internet user’s internet connection needs.

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