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Keyword-focused Content Marketing Blogging Done Right

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There is a gold rush mentality among bloggers. They think that if they get certain keywords that get a high enough level of monthly searches with minimum competition that they are in the money. That gold rush mentality is really being shaken to its foundations currently by Google because spammers have been abusing keyword blogging for many years now. Many of the search results yield websites of dubious quality and they rank only because they are optimized well and they target the right keywords.

Keyword sniping blogging is going to get harder

Google is very aware of this abuse and recently Matt Cutts, Google’s head of web spam, has announced that they will factor in “over optimization penalty” into Google’s algorithm. This means that websites that rank solely because they are optimized well and they target the right keywords will get penalized. The solution to this, like with anything related to content marketing, is content value and quality. It is not enough that there is high content value in the sense that it speaks to a need or a topic that your target customers value highly. It is valuable content because they are looking for it. That is great and everything, but the content’s core itself must be high quality content as well.

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