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Lock in your hard-won marketing gains with long-term conversations

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It took a lot of effort to get people to your website. Don’t waste all of that effort by justing having users consume your content and leave. As we have mentioned earlier, draw your visitors in and brand them each step of the way. While they may not be inclined to buy, give your visitors the opportunity to engage in a long-term conversation with you.

Each page, of course, must have conversation preservation tools. That is a fancy word for asking them to subscribe to your blog feed, like you on Facebook, follow you on Twitter and most importantly subscribe to your newsletter. By keeping your blog post short but substantive and useful, you are able to effectively draw in the reader to more pages and each page is working the reader, gently convincing the reader to maintain a conversation with you by joining your mailing list. This is the difference between effective blog content marketing and just being one of the millions of faceless bloggers out there that really fizzle out once they get tired of the substandard results.

As we have emphasized earlier, every element of your marketing platform, whether it takes the form of a blog, website, Facebook page or whatever other platforms you come up with, must serve one purpose which is to keep the conversation regarding your brand alive and healthy.

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