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Social News can be a great source of traffic for your brand

This article is posted under Content Marketing
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The social news aggregation website Digg used to be the 800-pound gorilla of social news. When it comes to news items that people share and vote up or down, Digg was the number one player in that space. Sadly, because of a few missteps, Digg has fallen off quite a bit and where it used to get several millions in terms of monthly traffic, it is a shadow of its former self.

What happened? Digg became overly commercialized. That is the common refrain. Also they made some editorial decisions regarding the link values and how links are formatted on their site which discouraged people from submitting content to Digg. They also redesigned their pages, thus people who were accustomed to how the site used to work before felt lost and confused. For all these reasons, Digg is a dwarf compared to the giant of its former self. Now the current place to be for sharing social news is Reddit. It works similar to Digg. You share a news item, you share content and people would vote it up or down. If your content is voted up, it stays higher on the page and more people will vote for it. The overall premise is the same. Collectively people will decide what is good content that stays up and on the other hand, collectively people will decide what is worthless content and that gets pushed down. Reddit is the new leader in this category, but it has a very decidedly less commercial orientation than Digg. Digg wanted to make money. Reddit is not as obvious, but of course they still have to pay the bills so they are making some kind of money. You cannot tell that they are overriding concern by looking at the website. It is a fairly straightforward, plain vanilla design. Some would call it boring. Still Reddit can pack quite a bit of traffic and that is where you come in.

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