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Take control of your blog’s conversation with your readers

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Be in control of the blog marketing conversation you have with your readers. Be an influence builder. In essence, be a victor and not a victim. You are a victim if your blog is passive. If you employ a mechanical system of just vacuuming keywords from Google AdWords keyword tool and building your blog around it and hoping that people would search and go to your blog, find it interesting and then maybe by random chance do what you need them to do. That is victim mentality blogging.

Get rid of victim mentality blogging by taking control

Be in control. The first step in assuming control over your blog’s marketing and branding potential is to actively seek out and strategize content that your target audience would want to read and/or actually reading. You can find out if they are actually reading the content if you look at the competition and see what kind of content is being produced and what kind of content is being discussed. If it matches, then chances are that is what people are actually consuming.

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