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Use related blog topics to continuously brand your reader

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If you need to talk about other related topics, then you can use the short space limitation of your blog posts as a branding opportunity. How? By linking those other discussions in your blog. This is how it works: Your reader is branded by your content, finds it engaging, finds your company discussion riveting so they click a link to find out about another topic. That topic does the same job as the previous article, but on a separate topic obviously and they are the drawn to click again, again and again. You are branding them each step of the way.

Build credibility while marketing with each and every post

You are building credibility and you are marketing each step of the way. This is the way it is done. Do not give them a reason to bounce off your pages. Draw them in instead. People have short attention spans and you must tailor your blog, your website or whatever branding platform you are using around that hard reality. Two hundred to three hundred words should be enough.

Pull them in with cues

Cue your reader with deep linking or using standard blog plugins like, “if you like this post, you might also be interested in,” type of link listings. Regardless of the particular method you use, you have to always keep in mind how to draw your reader further into your site.

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