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How to Properly Seed in Your Forum to Drive Traffic

This article is posted under Forum Marketing
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One is to create different personas. It does not have to be a fully customized persona that would tend to lead people to think that they are separate people.  We are advocating highly ethical and transparent means here.  Do not lie to your audience, but make it clear that you are avoiding several pitfalls by using the same account for both questions and answers.

When you are seeding your forum with content, make sure to re-word the materials that you find so it is original.  Do not copy and paste materials that you find because for one, it is stealing, and second it is going to bite you in terms of search engine rankings.  Google and other search engines are extremely sophisticated and do not approve of duplicate content.  While there are many SEO “experts” who say that duplicate content is not an issue, it actually is.

As more and more content floods the internet, search engines are faced with an infrastructure dilemma in terms of storing this duplicate content.  Moreover, they do not want to waste valuable real estate on their rankings for basically the same result.  From a purely logical and competitive standard, the best policy is to just avoid duplicate content all together.

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