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Seeding your Own Forum: The First Alternative in Driving Traffic to Your Forums

This article is posted under Forum Marketing
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The first option in driving participants to your forum is to seed your own forum.  Finding quality forum topics is actually fairly easy.  There are many social media outlets where people are already talking about the topics that you are interested in.  There are also many question-and-answer websites, as well as blog posts that discuss your particular subject matter.

What you can do when seeding your forum is to go to these places and find the most common themes.  Since there is no other forum dealing with your particular niche, it is probably best to focus on low-hanging fruit first.  This means looking for popular topics first that people are already talking about and listing them. Then, you find the answers and post them on your forum.

Make sure to use differing accounts.  If somebody visits your forum and notice that there is only one person registered, who is both asking and answering at the same time, they probably would not be too interested in participating because obviously there is no community.  We are not advocating lying here. You are just using different personas.  You can use names that indicate that these are differing accounts on your forum – for example, forum helper, researcher 1, or researcher 2. This will help you in driving traffic to your site letting the people know that there is already an existing community in your forums.

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