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Setting up a Forum and then Just Letting it Run: Prone to Spam Method

This article is posted under Forum Marketing
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Setting up a forum, even with tight security settings, and then letting it just run is tantamount to littering the internet with dead websites. We do not suggest that you follow this route. This method is prone to spams. When your forum is already inundated with spams, it won’t attract further visitors, instead it will repel them along with the existing ones. It is bad enough to attract these people like out of the blue, it is also very hard for them to post because there is no actual content, just spams.  You see where I am going with this?  You are basically stuck in a rut.  There is no content so you do not get search engine traffic.  There is no search engine traffic so there are no visitors.  There are no visitors so there is no content.  There is no content so there are no search engine visitors, and so on and so forth.

Although one advantage of this method, aside from being cheap as we mentioned, is also if your niche is very rare in terms of forum specialization – as in there are no other forums focused on your subject matter – you might get some love from the search engines.

From sheer supply and demand, your forum might appear because it is the only authority on that subject matter.  Given the huge proliferation of forums, given the huge number of alternative sources of content out there, the possibility of this happening is quite low, but we are not ruling out the possibility.

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