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Signs in Knowing whether An Outsource Forum-Posting Company is Good or Not

This article is posted under Forum Marketing
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First, you have to check if there is a ‘copy and paste’ content.  You already know why this is a bad idea.  There is no need to elaborate further.

Second, check for inaccurate answers or shallow questions.  These two issues are quite intertwined because they both lead to the same conclusion – the service provider either does not have a robust quality control system or it simply has a sloppy operation.  Sadly, a lot of the times the latter prevails.

Since you are trying to research your brand using forum-branding methodologies and you are trying to further your brand at the same time, it is extremely important that you go with a quality company that knows what it is doing.  They are quite easy to spot.  Look for posts that are accurate.  Double check the accuracy of the answer and see if it is thorough enough.  Of course you are not looking for a company that can provide in-depth tutorials for each question that is asked on your forum.  You may look for such a company, but they are not going to be cheap.  You just need something that is substantial enough and will deliver the quality that your organization supports.

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