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The Advantage and Disadvantage of Letting Your Forum Just Run

This article is posted under Forum Marketing
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If a person for some reason finds themselves on your forum and sees that it is empty, most people would not bother to create an account, to register for an account, research an answer, or post a question anymore.  So you have to exert a little energy in seeding your own forum. You have to create various accounts to post a question and answer them all at the same time, and reword the original posts to make it your content. After a few times of doing this just let your forum weave its own magic – just let it run. The good thing about this is though it takes a long time at the beginning, as more and more people use your forum, more and more would participate, thereby driving a lot of traffic to your site.

Unfortunately there is really no way you can control how long you will wait.  Depending on how compelling your forum’s topic is, you might be waiting for several long months, or perhaps several years.  There are many forums that are just ghost towns.  Many just shut down.  It is quite sad actually.

Another factor adding to your long wait is the fact that since there is not much content on your website, search engines will not rank it well.  It is almost by sheer chance that somebody will end up at your website. You can counter this drawback by continuously monitoring your forums and adding contents –questions and answers – that are highly in demand to attract more visitors.

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