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Embedding of Tweet content leads to a Desirable Network Relationship

This article is posted under Link building and Website Relationships
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When you are embedding Twitter content with your blog post, what you are doing is you are showing the actual tweet of people in your blog post.  When somebody looks at the blog post, they can see the tweets listed out.  What you should do is do not just content yourself with just listing out the embedded tweets.  You should analyze the tweets and analyze the description and comment on the tweet.

The next step is to send an @ message to the original tweet or to the tweet author.  This establishes a relationship between you and the content producer.  More so, it establishes some level of credibility because people liked to be noticed.  People liked some recognition.  If you give them enough of your time to comment on their tweet, they are getting some sort of appreciation and this should be enough to open the door for you to have some sort of relationship with the content producer.

This could also open the door to many other potential partnerships like blog links, blog exchanges, website link exchanges, and favorable mentions. Also, if the tweet author is quite authoritative and has a big following, this can go a long way in making you even more credible within your industry niche. So the key is to analyze and interact. Do not just list out the embedded tweets.

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