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Disadvantage of AdWords

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No matter how impeccable AdWords or search engine marketing might seem, there are certain issues with this advertising model that you have to acquaint yourself.  The most glaring is that keywords are not enough.

If you have the target keyword that people are looking for, your ad will appear when your targeted customer enters your keyword in Google.  However, if your ad is written the wrong way, you are certainly not going to get that click.

So how do you know if it is written badly?  First that you have to look at is the title.  The title must have your keyword.  If somebody is searching for European visa services and you have your title as “Visit Germany” or “German Immigration,” it is a big disconnect between what they are really searching for, and the constellation of needs behind that keyword.  Sure that definitely falls within the larger set of needs that target keyword contains, but it is not direct enough.  You have to really tighten the connection between the ad title and what the person is searching for.  The closer they are together, the higher the chance that your ad will get clicked.  So the key lies in knowing the right keyword to use.

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