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Finding an Online Marketing Gold Mine in Your Statistics

This article is posted under Online Marketing
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Believe it or not, the information that you need to generate more traffic for your blog, your website or any other branding platform you are using to capture mind share is as close as your statistics package. Whether you are using Statcounter or Google Analytics or any other popular analytical tool out there, we strongly encourage you to install their code in your website. While you would need to keep this running so they collect enough information, after a few months you should look under the hood of your statistics package and zero in on the keyword statistics that they have captured. You would be surprised to know that there is a gold mine in those statistics.

Find out how people find you3

At the very least, stats packages tell you what keywords people use to find you. If they use social network sites, your stats package will show you which social network sites send traffic to you. Depending on the particular site, you might even find out what part of those sites send you visitors. If you get traffic from forums, a good stats package will tell you which posts send you traffic.

Knowing where traffic comes from means knowing where to promote

Finding out where people are coming from is the first step to more traffic because you can add more links to those sources so they can send more traffic. For example, if a forum post sends you traffic, you can reply to that post so it rises to the top of the forum topic listing and gets more. If a certain blog post is the source of much of your traffic, ask the blog owner to publish a guest post so you can boost traffic even more. Investigate, analyze, and optimize.

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