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Just because your press release targets a set of influence makers’ sphere of interest does not mean they would be instantly interested in your press release and your brand. They won’t jump at your press release even if there is a shortage of news in your niche. How do you get these people to notice your release? Again, the focus of your press release must be solid content that builds your brand.

Avoid bland releases

Press releases should not be bland affairs. They should not be giving out announcements of fairly banal happenings. They should be focused on hot topic items. They should fixate on hot issues facing the target market you are trying to reach. Write your release around these topics.

How to find hot niche topics

Check out Twitter for hot topic items or high trending items in a particular topic category. Look at what blogs in your particular niche are blogging about. Get on top of that item and issue a press release. A press release actually builds your brand because it has an official aura to it. Influence makers may find what you have to say compelling if you position your press release as ‘newsworthy’ instead of self-serving SEO press release backlink building garbage.

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