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Every Tweet is a Branding Opportunity

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Just like Facebook, every message you send on Twitter is a branding opportunity. You should keep this in mind at all times.  Do not tweet garbage.  Do not tweet details that do not really push your brand forward.  If you need to, look at your notes regarding your brand’s value constellation, review it, and keep it in mind.  Live by it because everything that you do online leads back to your brand.  It either pushes your brand forward or holds it back.  You would want to move forward.

Forward is where the sales are.  Forward is what puts food on your table.  Forward is what makes you credible and what makes you a player in this world.  Sending mixed messages, or worse, sending really negative messages will corrode your brand.  Remember, there will be haters on Twitter.  That is a fact of life.  They are everywhere on Twitter and they are all over on Facebook too.  Deal with haters responsibly.  Keep a level head and keep your cool.  Do not ever blow your cool because you are going to be blowing your brand too.

The worst mixed message you could get is to go off on somebody and get all emotional.  Just always respond based on your values and not your feelings.  This is a key lesson from Stephen Covey’s 7 Habits of Highly Effective People.  Put it to work when you are tweeting.  There are many opportunities to blow your cool, but do not succumb to it.  Always stay on brand.  Everything that you post must stay on brand.  Do not spam because that is off brand.  Do not bug people because that is off brand too.  Be helpful, be insightful, and be analytical.  You have to keep adding value.  Do not hold yourself back by blowing your cool on Twitter.

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