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Online Branding Must Focus on Core Values, Not a Website

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One of the core principles that many online marketing companies miss is that online marketing and online branding is not just about pushing a website.  The website is just a symbol, a manifestation of something deeper and more important – which is the core values that inform a brand.  Websites change all the time.  Websites come and go.  What should not come and go are the core values that your business have.  This is what makes your business valuable to people.  In essence, it establishes the destiny, the meaning, and purpose of your business.

You might think that this is just a business and you are just trying to sell screws or sell paper online.  It goes way deeper than that.  You are trying to fulfil a need.  Whenever you talk about people’s needs, which is something real and something deep, you should look at your online business the same way.  It is not just about trying to sell an e-book or trying to get an ad click.  Your conception of what you are trying to do or what your website is all about must do more than that.

So why focus on branding?  Branding is the summation of all the things you do online.  It is more important than your website, your marketing messages, or your ads or logos.  By getting a full understanding of what your brand is, it leads you to behave a certain way, conduct business a certain way, and approach your users a certain way which is to push the brand and make all your efforts that go into branding more valuable.  Focus on branding your core values and your company will go a long way even if your website does not.

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