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Sales page is content

This article is posted under Sales Page Copywriting
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A sales page can and often is a form of content.  While most online content can be broken down into blog posts, social media messages, opt in E-mail, articles, and white papers, sales pages can be formulated into a form of content. However, it should be completely consistent with your prior branding efforts.  Remember, to get a visitor to your sales page, you either have to buy AdWords clicks, run a pay per click campaign, search engine optimization, blog post, or social post which takes much time, effort, and so much resources.  Each step or each click to get to you must be consistent with your brand.

When you are able to do that, the sales page no longer functions as a mere terminal point for the user to decide.  It is also a form of content.  By being consistent, you are able to add value to the materials you previously used and the materials you will send after.  This is especially pertinent when dealing with opt in E-mail.

So how do you make your sales page a form of content?  What are the concrete steps you need to take to convert sales pages into content?  You could put specialized information on the sales page that cannot be found elsewhere on your website.  By doing this, you would attract more visitors into coming to your sales pages.

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