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Sales pages must always lead back to the brand

This article is posted under Sales Page Copywriting
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Brand. Brand. Brand. We keep expounding this element over and over in our blog because this is a foundational truth.  Everything that you do online, every text, every piece of content and even your attitude must reflect your brand or else it is a wasted branding opportunity.  In a highly competitive landscape where rivaled brands are sprouting up all the time fueled by social media, a comprehensive and cohesive branding strategy is needed to give you a competitive edge that with time and with enough effort cannot be bought.

Make sure that your sales page leads back to your brand.  This means that it has to reflect the values that your brand embodies.  This may be in the form of a tone, a perspective, or an organization.

Go over and comb through each word that you put in your sales page and ask yourself, “Does this push my brand forward or does it erode it?  Am I sending mixed messages?”  By constantly combing through your sales page text, formatting, and graphical elements, you are strengthening your brand.  You cannot put yourself in a situation where you make a sales page and you forget it, hoping that people would just convert it.  It does not work that way.

Not only do you have to do split testing of rival sales page formats, you also have to play around with the text.  Which converts best?  Even if you discover a page that produces the most dollars, keep in mind that this may not be brand consistent.  Just because you are making more money with a certain page does not mean that you should leave it at that level.  You should always make it brand consistent.  The key here is to generate as much revenues from your sales page materials as possible, but at the same time do not forget about your brand. Keep pushing it forward with every strategy that you take.

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