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Taking Advantage of Every Opportunity to Close a Sale

This article is posted under Sales Page Copywriting
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As discussed previously, your product description should build a foundation for the sale. You will not just give out information so your reader can buy.  The product description should also give you the opportunity to mold the discussion in such a way that you are building credibility in the mind of the potential buyer, and that you can close the deal with him.  Do not blow this opportunity by failing to build a solid foundation.

Listing out specifications is not enough.  You have to get into the mind of your reader and connect with his or her needs.  Once you have filtered those needs, connect that with a product and then connect that product with your website.

The truth of the matter is that they can buy that product from a wide variety of vendors.  You have to answer the key question “why should they buy this product from you?”  If you have nailed all these foundations down, your chances of making a sale is much higher than if you just put a flashing red buy-it-now button.  Online sales are getting more and more competitive.  Do not blow your opportunity to close your reader.  This may be the only opportunity you would get, so use it wisely.

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