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The Difference Between Weak and Strong Calls to Action

This article is posted under Sales Page Copywriting
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If you are branding online or marketing products or services online, you have probably come across the term “call to action.”  This is a very old concept that predates the internet, believe it or not.  It is really as old as advertising.  All advertising is information geared towards getting you to do something.

The call to action is a core component of any piece of advertising.  It tells the reader what to do.  Whether as simple as “buy now”, “sign up now” or “register now”, they are all focused on getting the reader to do something.  However, placing a call to action on a page by itself does not seal the deal.  It does not have any magical effects in itself.

The truly powerful call to action depends on context and this is really what separates a weak call to action from a strong one.  Weak calls to action are unsupported.  It is just as simple as having a page that has a picture of the product, listing of the product’s specifications, and a big bold text that says “buy now.”  That is a really weak call to action because it is unsupported.  It must embody all the credibility building all throughout the branding process. Read other blog posts to further differentiate weak calls to action from strong ones so you choose the right move.

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