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Effects of Integrating Visual Elements in Your Social Media Strategy

This article is posted under Social Media Marketing
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Social media strategies today continue to evolve at the same rate the Internet and mobile technology have changed. They have become more interactive and visually oriented. You may have mastered the former already by being proficient with managing your Twitter and Facebook accounts, but what about the latter? Have you updated your entire social media strategy and made it visually powerful as well?

If you are wondering why integrating visual elements in your social media strategy is so important, then perhaps the following benefits may help clear your mind and get you to rearrange your priorities accordingly.

Pictures speak a thousand words.

It’s a cliché, but that does not mean it has no meaning, relevance, or truth in it. One powerful, striking, well-chosen image can really convey a thousand words while one word can only convey, well, one. When words are simply not enough for you to define, illustrate, and explain something, then pictures can come to your rescue.

Pictures reach out to customers outside your niche.

Your social media strategy in the past would likely have built the kind of following that did not mind they could only read your stuff. But as you should know, not every person likes to read. Your target market is unlikely to consist entirely of readers. By adding pictures to your social media strategy, you get to capture the attention of those who would normally not pay attention one bit to your efforts.

Pictures are fun.

Sometimes, pictures can also act as timeouts, breaks, or intervals. They let the eyes and your mind rest a bit before continuing on with the article or blog post. Try mentally comparing a pair 2,000-word articles talking about the same topic, but one is with photos while the other is without. Which one are you likely to pick? Chances are, you will find yourself attracted to the article with photos.

Pictures can also work like subheadings.

In the world of SEO, subheadings are essential because they make a particular article or blog post easier to read. Subheadings serve to break down an article into several ideas – in a logical order, of course. Pictures can also serve as subheadings. One glance at the pictures – even without subheadings – and people would also have an idea as to what the article or post is about.

Pictures also help with SEO.

Speaking of search engine optimization, pictures also help improve your page’s ranking. Just be sure that you have used the right keywords when labeling and providing it with captions. Don’t forget to use meta tags either!

Keep in mind that videos can also be a visual element for your social media strategy. They can work a thousand times better than photos, but only if you use them at the right place and time.

Visual elements, like all other parts of your social media strategy, have to be monitored consistently. For that, you will need a pretty fast Internet connection since they consume a good amount of bandwidth to upload, download, and access. If you are not sure whether your present Internet service is enough, contact a broadband expert. A BroadbandExpert compares Internet providers on your behalf to ensure that you have the best ISP for your needs.

Author’s Bio:

Krystine Joy Sitjar is a renowned freelance writer that loves to do blogs about technology, SEO, and Social Media. She loves to read books in her idle time. She also love her fiancee Warren Keith Nietes.

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