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Other Signs to Check before Hiring an Outsource Forum-Posting Company

For one, you should check out the questions they have previously posted. Shallow questions should raise a red flag because this indicates that the company did not really do its research well enough for them to be credible in the eyes of the people who are trying to do forum-based market research; people you are […]

Filed under Forum Marketing, June 5th, 2013

Signs in Knowing whether An Outsource Forum-Posting Company is Good or Not

First, you have to check if there is a ‘copy and paste’ content.  You already know why this is a bad idea.  There is no need to elaborate further. Second, check for inaccurate answers or shallow questions.  These two issues are quite intertwined because they both lead to the same conclusion – the service provider […]

Filed under Forum Marketing, June 3rd, 2013

Hiring an Outsource Forum-Posting Company: The Second Alternative in Driving Traffic to Your Forum Site

The second alternative in driving traffic to your forum site is to hire an outsource forum-posting company to stock your forum.  They are going to go through the same steps of finding content for your forum.  Basically what you can do, they can do.  The only difference is that they do this for a living […]

Filed under Forum Marketing, June 1st, 2013