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Taking Advantage of Every Opportunity to Close a Sale

As discussed previously, your product description should build a foundation for the sale. You will not just give out information so your reader can buy.  The product description should also give you the opportunity to mold the discussion in such a way that you are building credibility in the mind of the potential buyer, and […]

Filed under Sales Page Copywriting, October 19th, 2013

Sales Copywriting: Basic Steps in Building Credibility

Just as you would not argue with a friend about a certain point that you are trying to make by saying “just because”, you would also not want to employ the same tactics on your website’s sales pages.  You do not want to jump into conclusions when you are trying to make a sale. Like […]

Filed under Sales Page Copywriting, September 10th, 2013

Hitching Your Message to the Reader’s Need for Information

Many people that do searches online for specific topics do not really want to buy when they do the search.  This does not mean that they will never buy.  It is just that most of them do not want to buy at the moment. Does this mean that you have to completely disregard this market?  […]

Filed under Online Marketing, April 22nd, 2013