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An Effective Way to Shoot Down Your Reader’s Resistance and Get Through Them

By focusing on branding, you give purpose to each and every product description that is in your catalog.  By focusing on branding, it re-focuses your mind to say, “Hey, wait a minute.  This product description must actually sell, must actually push the site, and must actually get the reader to viralize the content, to spread […]

Filed under Sales Page Copywriting, December 6th, 2013

The Importance of a Psychological Hook in a Product Description

When it comes to writing effective ad copy, having a psychological hook is one of the obvious things a copywriter goes for.  When you are writing Google AdWords ad, the call to action is straightforward.  The psychological urgency of the ad is also pretty obvious.  Unfortunately, when it comes to product descriptions, most copywriters forget […]

Filed under Sales Page Copywriting, November 3rd, 2013

Eye-Catching Product Descriptions to Attract a Sale

Let us face it – if you are in the E-commerce space, E-commerce sites are a dime a dozen.  Depending on your particular niche, you will probably have at least one major competitor.  It is imperative that you’ll be able to distinguish yourself from your competitors as early as possible and as effectively as possible […]

Filed under Sales Page Copywriting, October 10th, 2013