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How to Get in the Minds of Influential People on Twitter

Once you are following the person who gets retweeted a lot, is not following too many people, and has a lot of followers, how can you turn that person into my marketing channel?  This is the holy grail of Twitter marketing and a place where many dodgy marketers and incompetent Twitter marketers fail.  The bottom […]

Filed under Website Copywriting, August 2nd, 2013

Getting Deep Inside Twitter Marketing

Twitter, just like blogging and website marketing, is all about building relationships.  No man is an island, no blog is an island, no website is an island, and definitely no Twitter account is an island.  For you to succeed in using Twitter as a marketing platform, you have to have no problems reaching out to […]

Filed under Website Copywriting, July 30th, 2013

Merely reposting Twitter content erodes your Brand

What is a low-quality Twitter compilation post? Merely repeating what the authoritative tweet that you are using is saying is a mark of low quality. You are not a parrot and you are definitely not a thief, so why act like either? The reason that you are posting somebody’s tweet is because you want to […]

Filed under Branding, March 4th, 2013