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Reshare Popular Twitter Content on Facebook

To re-share authoritative materials, you can go to Twitter and find materials that have been re-tweeted a lot because if they get re-tweeted a lot on Twitter, there is a high indication that people on Facebook would also be interested in them. However, make sure that the reason they are getting re-tweeted a lot is […]

Filed under Social Media Marketing, February 2nd, 2013

Become a Twitter Content Authority by Retweeting Gems

As we mentioned earlier, there are many authoritative content sources on Twitter which have a tiny following. If you develop a reputation for finding such people, you will become an authority in your own right. People would then turn to you and say, “Wow, this person is good at spotting talent.” You will be like […]

Filed under Social Media Marketing, December 28th, 2012

Look at who is retweeting supposedly Influential Twitter accounts

The third level of Twitter fraud analysis takes a little bit more work. You have to pay attention to the number of retweets an account gets. However, look at who is retweeting them. For example, this person gets many retweets, there is still a chance that they could be using bots and other sophisticated pieces […]

Filed under Social Media Marketing, December 19th, 2012