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How to Give Out the Right Information and Close a Sale

As previously discussed, giving out of information is what is most likely going to give you a sale. It should address the key concerns of your reader, and at the same provide credible sources. If you are selling an antioxidant food supplement, for example, you are more reliable if you built up a case first […]

Filed under Sales Page Copywriting, September 16th, 2013

Setting up a Forum and then Just Letting it Run: Prone to Spam Method

Setting up a forum, even with tight security settings, and then letting it just run is tantamount to littering the internet with dead websites. We do not suggest that you follow this route. This method is prone to spams. When your forum is already inundated with spams, it won’t attract further visitors, instead it will […]

Filed under Forum Marketing, June 15th, 2013

Drawbacks in Letting Your Forum Just Run

A drawback to this method is if you set your security parameters wrong for your forum, many people would try to spam it.  Because of shady search engine optimization tactics, many people are using software that would build links to their shady website using forums, as this is very hard to do manually because you […]

Filed under Forum Marketing, June 13th, 2013

Branding Activities that You Cannot Outsource

There are certain elements of the branding process that cannot be outsourced.  This all leads to your ownership of the brand.  You know what you want, and you know what the goal is. Make sure that you have the final say in the branding process. For example, if you hire a company to create a […]

Filed under Branding, May 10th, 2013

How to Determine whether a Branding Agency is a Good Catch or Not

More important than looking into the branding agency’s website or referrals, is to look at any social media mentions.  How many times is the brand mentioned in Twitter or Facebook?  Keep in mind to take all of these branding lookup advices with a grain of salt because there are many haters online.  It is unavoidable.  […]

Filed under Branding, May 8th, 2013

Forum Spamming is the Opposite of Forum Branding

Engaging members of a specific forum community regarding an issue your brand answers or solves must not degenerate into spamming. The temptation is always there to be lazy and just blast your brand in discussions which raise issues that your brand might address. Don’t be lazy. Make your case. Be subtle. Offer alternatives. Make sure […]

Filed under Forum Marketing, July 31st, 2012