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A Strong Call to Action Makes All the Difference

A strong call to action would not just be restricted to the specific action you want the reader to do. It must tie up what went on before.  It must tie up the value proposition of the product, and all the foundation that you have laid in the product description page.  For example, if you […]

Filed under Sales Page Copywriting, October 31st, 2013

How to Formulate an Actual Brand Online

The next stage in rolling out a new website is to formulate your actual brand.  A brand is not just a mere logo.  A brand is a physical or tangible manifestation of the core values that you decided your service or your product will be about.  This is basically like a physical manifestation of a […]

Filed under Website Copywriting, July 3rd, 2013

Sales pages must always lead back to the brand

Brand. Brand. Brand. We keep expounding this element over and over in our blog because this is a foundational truth.  Everything that you do online, every text, every piece of content and even your attitude must reflect your brand or else it is a wasted branding opportunity.  In a highly competitive landscape where rivaled brands […]

Filed under Sales Page Copywriting, April 2nd, 2013

Conveying Values: A key sales page strategy

Your sales page could either be a hit or fail. It is important that your sales page strategy must not just reflect the value proposition of your brand and the value constellation that exist within your brand. It must also point forward to the values of your user.  Those two must meet.  If they don’t, […]

Filed under Sales Page Copywriting, March 29th, 2013

Gain influence as a critic by avoiding a Hater mentality

People might not always readily come out and admit it but they love critics. Why? Critics help them decide. Oftentimes, critics do the heavy thinking many people would rather not do because of a lack of time, energy, motivation, skills, or various combinations of these. Being a critic gives you a great opportunity to push […]

Filed under Content Marketing, January 18th, 2013

Developing a Reputation for Integrity Goes a Long Way

Keeping your word, producing quality, and always giving them the attention and the value you would want them to give to you–these are the core values that would put you ahead. You are competing against many fly-by-night half-hearted, inexperienced, immature, impatient and basically flawed competitors. You will not be rising above the pack and will […]

Filed under Link building and Website Relationships, January 12th, 2013