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Effective Online Marketing Using Facebook Photo Tagging

This article is posted under Website Copywriting
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The next step with Facebook marketing is to make sure that you have launched your website with enough content on your site.  Once you have a fully running website, you can then start pushing your website visitors to like you on Facebook.  Once you have reached maybe a hundred Facebook page fans, you can run a photo tagging contest.  Photo tagging contest is a pretty straightforward affair.  The infographic markets your brand that contains your URL.  This URL allows people to go back to your site.  You then offer a premium to your Facebook fans that whoever uses the infographic, shares it on their wall, and tags their friends on it will get a price.  You can do this randomly.  The price can either be money thru Paypal, content, or a product sample.

Your imagination is the only limit as to how you want to proceed with this.  Offer some kind of premium to make it worth their while to like you on Facebook.  Once you have enough fans on Facebook, these will become your evangelists because your blog updates will get to these people.  It is very important to keep that in mind when composing your blog posts.  They cannot be garbage.  They cannot be useless.  They must be written in such a way that people would want to consciously share them out of their own free will.  The pressure is on you to make sure that you are sharing quality content.

Of course, do not destroy your brand by not paying the premium.  If you made a promise to pay $50, then pay the $50.  If you promised to give out an E-book or other digital premium, do it otherwise, it will mess up your credibility.  Truly, at any stage of the game do not mess with your brand.  You worked so hard to put it up, conceptualizing, and promoting it.  Do not destroy it with one moment of greed and short-sightedness.

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