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Excellent Website Copywriting lowers bounce rates and boosts SEO

This article is posted under Website Copywriting
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At this stage, you have detected keywords that are being used to find you and you have filtered these keywords based on their search volume, competition level, and how well you presently rank for them.

The next stage of the analysis is to look at the bounce rate of the remaining keywords. Do what you can to minimize the bounce rate, increase the multipage paths of this traffic. What is multipage path? If somebody finds you with keyword A and then they bounce back to where they came from, this shows you that there is something with that content keyword A is pulling up that is bouncing people back.

Make Your readers Dig Deep Into Your Site

What you are shooting for is when people use keyword A, they not only load a page, but they drill down deep into your website’s bowels. The longer that you can get them there, the longer you can keep them reading your website, the longer you are having a conversation with that person, you are branding that person, you are engaging that person in a marketing dialog. This whole exercise should be a way of you cementing value in the eyes of that person. This is where excellent website copywriting comes in. Your content must make sense and must be valuable to your visitors.

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