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Getting Your Website Off the Ground with Twitter Marketing

This article is posted under Website Copywriting
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On Twitter, you should make sure that before you start tweeting to promote your website, you should have invested in a Twitter background page that has the look and feel of your brand.  Again as we have mentioned earlier, whatever communication you send out online must be consistent.  You cannot send mixed messages.  If you do this, you are eroding your brand.  If you are going to be marketing on Twitter, everything about it – your Twitter page, your Twitter name, and other details that go with it— must reflect your brand.

Your Twitter page must look like your website.  Why do this?  If people find you through Twitter and they click through your Twitter home page, they would be able to establish the similarity between your Twitter background and Twitter theme with the website that you are sending them to.  It will not be a disconcerting experience for them because if it is, the person that you referred might not convert.  It is therefore important that everything must be seamless.

So when should you set up your Twitter account and Twitter page?  You should do that around the time that you have decided on your brand, and right before you build your website.  Once you have decided on your brand colors, theme and logo, use this information to pattern your Twitter page theme after.  Designing the Twitter page is one thing. Using the Twitter account to send out tweets is another.   Once you have launched your website and you have sent out your initial press release, you can then start tweeting.  Read through our earlier posts regarding Twitter content so you can get up to speed on how Twitter can help push your brand forward.

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