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How to Formulate an Actual Brand Online

This article is posted under Website Copywriting
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The next stage in rolling out a new website is to formulate your actual brand.  A brand is not just a mere logo.  A brand is a physical or tangible manifestation of the core values that you decided your service or your product will be about.  This is basically like a physical manifestation of a set of values that trigger certain emotional responses. This needs a lot of your time and effort.  Many websites are not making as much money or are failing to make any money at all because they did not put in the requisite time and effort to fully come up with a coherent brand, a matching logo, and a website brand.

This is not just about the logo.  This is the overall physical manifestation of the values of your product or service.  At the most basic, you have to decide on a color, the font of your text, and a graphical style.  You can work with a logo designer, but you may need to go through a lot of them to finally get to the right person.

Regarding the font, you will have to cycle through many fonts because different fonts have different emotional impacts.  Also get a feel for the actual look, the color, and the shade that best convey the brand that you are looking for.  Remember that you are going to be spending money on your brand and if you are going to spend all that time, money, and resources, pushing a brand that you are unsure of, you will just be wasting your time.  You just spent a lot of time trying to get the brand look down.

If this does happen, you do not have to stop the process of conducting your website marketing at this stage. You can do other parts of the development process simultaneously, but give this stage – formulating an actual brand— the time and resources it deserves.  The more time you invest in it, the more stable the ultimate brand (you come up with) will be, and will eventually be a long term sustainable progress.

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