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Listing Brand Values: A Key to Formulating a Coherent Branding Strategy

This article is posted under Website Copywriting
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You may already have a theme that you want to target.  However at this point, it may still be quite blurry and not specific.  Do not worry because at this stage of the process you are going to tighten your brand some more.  Look at the theme that you have. What kind of values do you want your brand to convey?  What kind of feeling do you want people to have regarding your product when they visit your website?  Do you want them to consider it trustworthy?  Do you want them to think of it as credible, safe, and secure?  List down all these values that you want your target customers to have in mind when they go through your web pages.  That way, it will be easier to communicate and get through them.

Brand value formulation involves much brainstorming.  Once you have brainstormed all of the values that can be associated with your product, look at the actual service or product that you are trying to sell and see if the core value is relevant, because sometimes they may not be.  For example, if you are selling turtles and the core value you came up with is fast, that does not obviously fit. People don’t think of speed when they are buying turtles.  The value is something else.

Make sure that whatever core values on the brand that you have brainstormed earlier, you filter it through what the actual product is, what it does for people, and in the case of services, what it involves and what problem it solves.  Filter through the core values.  Once you have it down to a few, try to rank the core values.  Which is the most important?  Which makes the biggest impact on people’s lives?  Which is more pressing? And so on and so forth. When you are able to filter, you might still end up with a handful. You then pick three core features.  These features will then be the core proposition of your brand.

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