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Marketing Effectively Through Keyword-Theme Blogging

This article is posted under Website Copywriting
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As we have mentioned earlier, the days of keyword sniping is probably drawing to a close.  With Panda, Caffeine, and other major updates to Google, it is beginning to look more and more likely that the days of semantic search are coming.  What is the difference between a regular search and a semantic search?  Regular search is the way search engines operate now.  You put out a keyword, your search engine looks for the presence of that keyword in their index, and then ranks it and displays it on a list.  People click and they go to the site.  It is very straightforward.

However, the way content is ranked is very mechanical.  The software focuses on the keyword.  It does not actually focus on the theme.  It does not focus on the inherent meaning.  It does not focus on the user interaction with the keyword, just the keyword.  Google is edging closer and closer to semantic search because it has factored in social mentions of the keyword and it has factored in other key elements.

The day is coming when search engines rank not based on keywords anymore but based on themes.  Keeping this idea in mind, future-proof your blog posts by blogging around themes and not so much around keywords.  You are still going to use keywords, but you are going to use clusters of them instead of just one keyword.  This is the difference between keyword sniping – which is just targeting one keyword and building a whole content around it – and theme writing and semantic writing, which basically take clusters of keywords; it is the relationship that the search engine is indexing the content on.  That is what you should write about – the relationships of these keywords – to create a theme and then making sure that that content is useful, accurate, and viral.  Again you are trying to follow many different masters and you are walking many different tightropes, but it can be done.  It cannot be done in a day, but it can certainly be done with enough practice.

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