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The Importance of Creating a Website to Market Your Brand

This article is posted under Website Copywriting
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When you have decided to promote your product or service on the internet, you will need a website to do this.  Why a website?  While you can try to push your product or service through social networking sites, you will still need a website where your potential buyers can go to.  They need to see the description of your product or service – what your value proposition is all about – and they need enough information so they can make a decision to buy.  Most importantly, they need a web page where they can enter their payment information so that they can buy from you.  These are all most conveniently done through a website.

The website must contain the product descriptions, sales page, and order page.  That is just the most basic.  A fully flesh out website that sells your product or service does support these basic functions.  It brands your product or service.  It creates a long-term conversation with your target buyers with three items abovementioned.

Assuming that you have already put together a website that does all these elements, it is time to start focusing on marketing that website.  The iron rule of the internet is no traffic, no money.  If there is no traffic to your website, the chances of making money are basically zero.  Whether it is through ethical means like SEO and social network marketing, or shady means like spamming, what they all have in common is traffic.

Traffic is the amount of people going to the website.  The more traffic you have, the higher the chance that you will make a sale.  This is your basic website marketing to-do list.  The first step is to build your website around a theme.  The theme must answer the questions, “What are you trying to sell?” and “What kind of need are you trying to fill?”  You then look for these themes by researching your competitors and piggybacking from their research and labor. See how your product and service would fit existing themes, so you don’t have to make a new theme.

The next step is to find keywords that are related to your product or service. Use the keywords and themes to map out your website. Do not just map out based on keywords. Organize the keywords so that they form around a theme – the functional sections of your site.

Then, you formulate online brand values.  What are the values that you want people to think of when they hear your brand?  Basing on that, you formulate your brand name and your logo.  It does not have to be a formal logo.  It can revolve around colors or font but it has to have a specific identity.  Design your logo through your brand and your theme.

The next step is to use the keywords for building out the specific themes.  The keywords will be used as a label for these themes.

Then of course, the final step is to write out your content based on your keyword themes.   Ensure that your content is coherent with your website structure and design so it all falls together and you don’t confuse. Instead, you solidly embed your brand in every person that visits your website.

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