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Tap the power of Press releases to turn the Internet into your business’ soap box. The right press releases gets your website noticed by the influence makers that cater to your target audience. Let us help you turn press releases into traffic magnets for your business.

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SEO Press Release Marketing: Targeted influence management

Press releases can explode your online brand. Many business are either blind to this reality or they underestimate the power of press releases in building buzz and traffic for their websites.

Press Releases can help you:

Get more traffic from search engines - SEO-enhanced press releases are a quick and powerful way to get noticed by Google and other search engines.  Those backlinks add up!

Generate awareness regarding your site - Press releases can get your business' announcements in front of the eyeballs of the influence makers of your target audience.

Build brand equity for your business - Properly written and distributed press releases help your online property gain credibility. Build consumer trust in your online brand.

What makes our SEO Press Release Marketing services different?

We write our press releases focused solely on one thing--building brand awareness while maximizing SEO benefits. Too many businesses waste the tremendous opportunities press releases make possible by cranking out generic press releases. We write press releases from the ground up by focusing on what is "news worthy" about your announcement.

We use a variety of techniques and tools, paired with skills learned over several years of press release marketing to highlight the news worthiness of your announcement and enter the mental landscape of the editors that would publish these press releases. Leveraging the power of social media, our social media press release services amplifies the power of traditional press releases in the age of Web 2.0. Our goal is to get eyeballs to your release and for your release to be compelling enough to generate both back links for your website or direct traffic from the releases themselves.

If you are looking to get serious with your press release marketing campaigns, contact us today for a free consultation on how our press release marketing services can help take your brand to the next level.

Press Release Marketing Features by Service Package

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